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Digital copy of the Otayuri: Seasons Main Zine & R18 Zine.

Format: PDF

Pages Main Zine: 98 + Cover

Pages R18 Zine: 102 + Cover

Language: English

Otayuri: Seasons is a collaborative fanzine by Otayuri writers and artists from around the world. The main zine is rated PG-13 and feature works about Otabek Altin and Yuri Plisetsky celebrating holidays from around the world throughout the year.

Writers: otayuriistheliteralbest | TheInsaneFox | Francowitch | accidental-mormon | MadamRed | thelamestfad | JujuRotfuchs (yours-julie) | CatAvalon | Ashiiblack | softieghost

Artists: iamatrashfan | neveraines | kawaiilo-ren | nachi0-art | nikkiyan | natsubutart | creemsicaal | KingOtabek | rainlikestars | Raikovart | eclair | IronPhoenixAshe | gothik-ichigo | Kei (thicctor-nikiforov) | HeilariArt

Main Zine Cover Artist: kawaiilo-ren

R18 Cover Artist: iamatrashfan


The Otayuri: Seasons Bundle Zine is an R-18 fanzine depicting the Otayuri ship from Yuri!!! On Ice! in an adult context where both characters are 18+ (in one, Yuri is over 2000 years old!). It contains explicit material and is 18+ only.

This bundle zine follows the theme of the main Otayuri: Seasons zine, and in a couple of cases the stories are a continuation from the main zine stories. These stories are still understandable on their own. All depicted situations in this zine are 100% consensual and explore the positive aspects of sexuality and sexual exploration, and vary from fluffy and sweet to kinky.

If you purchase this R-18 Bundle Zine, you agree that you are 18+ and that it is legal for you to view/read this content where you live. 


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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Otayuri-Seasons-Main-Zine-Single.pdf 29 MB
Otayuri-Seasons-Main-Zine-Spread.pdf 29 MB
Otayuri-Seasons-R18-Zine-Single.pdf 41 MB
Otayuri-Seasons-R18-Zine-Spread.pdf 41 MB

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